Is your Employer watching your Facebook Updates??

HMMMMM …. Scary…. right???

It’s been over 4 years that i am using Facebook. And i must admit, its an revolution. Some might agree and some might not.  It depends how you want to look at it. Facebook has changed the way we communicate, the way we greet our friends, the way we discuss in groups, events. You name it and Facebook has managed to do it as u like it.




Ok ok, enough of Facebook victory song 🙂 Lets get back to the topic “Is your employer watching your Facebook Updates”

You might say “So what, does it make a difference” or  “I don’t care, its my personal account, i will do what ever i want”  or ” i do care, but is that a right thing” or “They don’t have a right to keep a track on my personal Updates” and many more……

The reason for taking this topic is to just throw some light of what if they keep a watch on our updates…. (There are employers who have an eye on the updates / messages that have been published in the Social Networking world)

Me sure that by now, you all must have felt that its a personal thing, personal choice, freedom of expression – to be on Facebook, or post, update things you like etc. The only concern that i believe the employer might have (Future employers too) is that, during working hours there are times when there are some updates like ” This is my game score, can you beat it ” or “Getting bored at office” or “Work sucks” or anything related to your office mates or manager, it can be anything. (Me sure, some of you might not agree with my views). Again let me say this, its your personal Choice, and everyone has a right to do their own thing, after all it’s my personal account.

But just give it a thought for a second, you are a manager or a team leader, and an employee asks for a leave (reason could be not feeling well ) and the next day you come to see his party pics on FB. Not necessary he might be in your list of friends, but there  are ways the photo might come into public. It can happen with a manager too, may be  he is saying about employees or his employer. The reason for writing this post is not to blame or point fingers at anyone. It’s just to say – Have fun, make the most of your freedom, but do also take care of what you post or what you express.

“Think… and then put across an update ”


Rambling Recruiter



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  1. Nice post!!
    Its always good to be safe than sorry 😉

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