Are you Posting Jobs on Twitter!!!


Well, for some of you it might be a regular thing to post Jobs on Twitter. And for some it might be a relatively new thing. All in all, Twitter is surely gaining lot of attention over the past few years. But with reference to Recruitment its a new thing.

Some of you might have this question in mind, that should i post it on my personal twitter account or do i need to create a new account for Posting Jobs. Well, it depends. If you have good amount of followers, you can surely post it on your twitter account. But some of them might not be comfortable to post official stuff on their personal account, for them there is always a ways out in terms of creating an Company account  on Twitter

(PS: Do follow your organizations Social Media Policy before posting)

The reason for writing this post was just to share a bit of insight about the Jobs being posted on Twitter. The other day was just going through my Hootsuite Dashboard ( I had created a stream with relation to Jobs posted on Twitter. This helps me to filter with keywords like #jobs #career #Jobs etc. I was amazed to view the number of Job Postings that were available.

So what does this mean to me (Source / Recruiter). Well, the idea behind this is to just share that we can surely use this additional medium to post jobs. This surely gives visibility to your requirements as well as to your Company.

You can also check out my earlier post for more details on how to Post Jobs on Social Networking Sites – Tips for Job Posting  ( ) & ( )

So what are you waiting for… Twitter is all set to take in your Job Postings.

Happy Recruiting.


Rambling Recruiter


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