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Have you seen any Job posting on any of the Social Networking Sites?

Job Posting on Twitter !!!!! Jobs on Facebook !!!!!

Well, it might not be a surprise for you to see jobs posted on LinkedIn. How about Jobs being posted on Twitter and Facebook 🙂

Its no more a surprise, Social Networking sites are being used not only for promoting company pages or brands, it’s also being used for Posting Jobs.

Oh yes, the best example of the same, atleast in India is that (India’s no 1 Job Portal) has given an option to post jobs on the various Social Networking sites. More info about this in my previous post –

Following question was also asked to a group of 90 recruiters , and the following data does show that Jobs posting’s on Social Networking sites are a common thing (Good)









95% have said Yes….. HMMMM

Well you might think that we have a clear winner. Yes we do have.

But it will be an interesting thing to see as to how are these channles  being used in terms of generating quality resumes, and tageting the right audience.

You can check out the 10 questions that were asked to them at

Respondents Details:

All the 90 respondents are recruiters, who are responsible for Hiring in their respective organizations.

Looking forward to your views on this data. You can agree or disagree :)


Rambling Recruiter

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2 replies on “Have you seen any Job posting on any of the Social Networking Sites?”

With outburst of Social Networking – it has become an easy target for recruiters. It’s free and very easy to access.

However, most of the recruiters are using it as “Post and pray” tool. To get any output from this medium it needs consistency, engagement and most importantly not using social networking as a job board. You can’t keep posting jobs and expect huge response. You have to engage these people in a dialogue with you.

I also heard a comment from Hewitt’s sourcing head (Tim) that they never post jobs on social media but they use them to drive traffic and engage to their social media. Interesting isn’t it?

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