Have you seen any Job posting on any of the Social Networking Sites?

Job Posting on Twitter !!!!! Jobs on Facebook !!!!! Well, it might not be a surpriseĀ for you to see jobs posted on LinkedIn. How about Jobs being posted on Twitter and Facebook šŸ™‚ Its no more a surprise, Social Networking sites are being used not only for promoting company pages or brands, it's also being... Continue Reading →

Has networking sites changed that way people Recruit?

Hmmmmmmm !!!!!!!!!!!! Has it or has it not !!!!! Well the answers to this question many not be as simple as you may think. As i am reaching to an end of the series of 10 question that were asked to a group of 90 recruiters, People have really shown interest towards such sites. Well... Continue Reading →

Do you think Recruiters are using Social Networking sites, to find the right talent?

Here is the 6th question which was asked to a group of 90 recruiters. There is a lot of buzz about social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. There are also lots of questions raised if theseĀ sites are being used by the recruiters or not. Well, to find out the answers to some of... Continue Reading →

Have you closed any requirements based on Resumes via networking sites?

Well, here I am with the 5th question which was asked to a group of 90 recruiters. You might wonder what would be the answer for this question!!! You might want to know if there are recruiters using this medium. Welcome to the club, even I was sailing in the same boat sometime back. I... Continue Reading →

Has Networking sites added value to the Recruitment Process?

It's a tricky question....... hmmmmmmmm To find out the answer to this question, some research was required. Hence i managed to rope in 90Ā recruitersĀ to answers certain questions regarding their experience about this. Survey was done via- http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/FB27XSG (You can check the 10 questions) You can also check previous 3 question and their Analysis in the... Continue Reading →

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