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Which Social Networking site do you use the most for Recruitment Purpose?

So we are done with 2 questions that were asked to 90 recruiters about social networking sites.

Question 1 –

Do you use Social Networking sites for Recruitment Purpose?

Question 2 –

Are Social Networking sites changing the way you recruit?

Now we are on our way to the 3rd question. I am sure that you might not be surprised about the results of this question.

Respondents Details:

All the 90 respondents are recruiters, who are responsible for Hiring in their respective organizations. Hence in order to get authentic data, Recruiters were the right audience.

Here is the 3rd Question:

Which Social Networking site do you use the most for Recruitment Purpose?

Well, i was also not surprised when i got the data from the 90 recruiters that were involved in this research.

Yes, and the winner is…….. LinkedIn.

Yes surely LinkedIn has created a very important place as a recruitment tool. Some claim that LinkedIn should not be mixed with or compared as a Job Portal, but the facts are different. LinkedIn is slowely but surely moving toward being a Job Portal. Well, i will try to cover this point in my future blogs, but as of now, LinkedIn is the winner as per the set of 90 recruiter 🙂

PS: This does not mean that Twitter and Facebook is not being used for Recruitments. Recruiters are slowly picking up these 2 sites as well, but as of now, LinkedIn is the king of the pack 🙂

Looking forward to read your views on the same, if you disagree, or have an opinion, i will be more than happy to go through them,


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