Are Social Networking sites changing the way you recruit?

As part of the research that was made earlier ie What do 90 Recruiters feel about Social Networking Sites!!!!! , following is the second question was was asked to those 90 recruiters.

Are Social Networking sites changing the way you recruit?

Based on the Online Survey done via, Following are the details of the Data for the same. 










And the winner is…………..

Yes – 81.1%

NO – 18.9%

So, based on the responses, there are good number of recruiters who belive that Social Networking sites are changing the way they recruit 🙂

Respondents Details:  

All the 90 respondents are recruiters, who are responsible for Hiring in their respective organizations. Hence in order to get authentic data, Recruiters were the right audience.

Looking  forward to your view s on this data. You can agree or disagree 🙂


Rambling Recruiter


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