What do 90 Recruiters feel about Social Networking Sites!!!!!

Interesting question!!!!!!!!

I always to find out what my fellow recruiters think about hiring via social networking sites. For some it might be not worth it, for some it might mean a start of a new era, where its possible to make the best of these sites.

This is my small attempt to at least find out, or gauge what does this really mean…. do sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn have and impact in the hiring process. There were a few questions which i wanted to ask to the recruiters out there. So, as part of the research, i managed to get data of 90 recruiters.. YES 90 😉

Survey was done via–    http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/FB27XSG (You can check the 10 questions)

The following blog post is all about those questions, and the data that was gathered. If you dont agree, or have some different views on the same, do feel free to comment. Always keen to learn from professionals out there 😉

So, what is the first Question??????

Do you use Social Networking sites for Recruitment Purpose?

Based on the Online Survey done via http://www.surveymonkey.com/, Following are the details of the Data and the Analysis for the same.


Respondents Details:


All the 90 respondents are recruiters, who are responsible for Hiring in their respective organizations. Hence in order to get authentic data, Recruiters were the right audience.


1) Do you use Social Networking sites for Recruitment Purpose?



Based on the following question the majority of the Participants ie 85.6% responded YES and the remaining 14.5% said NO.

It can be seen that Usage of social Networking sites is very popular amongst the Recruiters, and they do use it for Recruitment Purpose.


This is cool…. right….. Well, you might want to test the same, and find it yourself if this really works, or do recruiters really use these sites for Recruitment purpose…….. !!!!!

So what are you waiting for, go out, and experience it yourself….. try to close some positions via these sites… it might be tuff at the start, but its sure worth it 🙂

The second question is!!!!!!!!!!!!! – You will have to wait for it 😉


Rambling Recruiter


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