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Tips for Job Posting !!!!

We all know the importance of Job Postings. (Hope we are on the same Page ;)) In the past few years i have come across many requirement and endless JD’s. I have been fortunate enough to be able to hire in the era of numerous Job Portals and Social Networking Sites. Following is an attempt to share my learnings through this Blog.

Looking forward to knowing your tips and tricks. Hope to make this a forum where we can share the best practices about Job Postings.

Tip number 1 # As soon as you get the Job Description (Assuming that you have taken the Clarity from the Hiring Manager / Requester about the Requirement.)

– Always Ask for The Primary and Secondary Skills Required. This will help you to Post it on the Job Portals (Key Skills and also will help you to post it as Tags.)

Tip number 2 # Once you get the JD, Apart from Posting on regular Job Portals, You can Post of LinkedIn, Twitter, Blogs, Facebook and other Networking Sites. Will give you more details about how to do it in the following sections.

Tip number 3 # OOPS.. Sorry, i missed it out completely… Employee Referrals and the career site…. The best place and the most important place to post the Requirements. Ensure that you regularly update the requirements as the posting on the careers site and Employee Referral site has the maximum viewers 🙂

Tip number 4 # Posting on LinkedIn – The best way of posting (it works for me :)) is to have your blog created and post the link on your status box,also the same can be shared on Twitter 😉 You can also join Technology Gropus on LinkedIn Eg – Java Developers Group has 38025 members, Mainframe – 4,730 members, SAP Community– 59,379 members, VisionPlus Professionals  – 605 members (Huge..right :)) Just imagine even if 10% of these people see your job posting’s !!!!! 

You can also refer to my previous Post at

Tip number 5 # Posting on Naukri: This is simple, i guess every recruiter must be aware of it. But there has been a new addition in the Naukri Posting. Now you can post your requirements from Naukri to Brijj, Twitter, Gmail users and LinkedIn 🙂 (More info about this in my previous post) – 

Tip number 6 # Posting on Twitter: You can either post your requirements via LinkedIn or Naukri.Also there is a way wherein you can copy the link of your Monster Posting and provide the URL on Twitter 🙂 Try it More info at

Tip number 7 # Posting on Blogs: This would depend on which blog you are using. For Example, while posting on WordPress, you can directly link your Posting on Twitter. Also while posting on Blogs, do mention Tags (Tags are nothing but Key Skills, they are visible on your Blog. This helps candidates to directly click on the Tag, and he will be directed towards that posting)

Tip number 7 # Posting on Facebook: Yes you can post your requirements on Facebook 🙂 Create a group for your company on Facebook.  You can post your latest jobs, latest news about your company and this can also be used for Branding. More info on the same at my previous post –

Hope that this post helps you, and looking forward to your views and suggestions on the same 🙂