LinkedIn into Twitter or Twitter into LinkedIn!!!!


Well, just to give you a background before we get into the real crux of this topic .LinkedIn users might have come across a Twitter application in their Status box. This used to help professionals to post their status on LinkedIn as well as route it to Twitter. All you had to do was allow Twitter to post via LinkedIn. I believe most of us found it easy to post and publish the status message.

There were also sites like where you could post status messages across many social networking sites, as mentioned in my previous Blog –

Now, there is a new development, a new application by Twitter for LinkedIn or by LinkedIn for Twitter 🙂 Think for a minute if you can have an access to all those professionals who are on LinkedIn and who also have a Twitter Account. Sounds interesting? Well, it’s a fact, now you can get the list of professionals who are on Twitter, and can follow them with the help of LinekdIn.

Now you can follow the right people via this Application. You can also save a Twitter List on LinkedIn with your connections. It’s called the Tweets Application. It’s amazing. Do try it.

This application will help you to Tweet, Retweet, and Follow your Twitter Connections. I was thinking if this will encourage me to only be on LinkedIn, and still be able to tweet and Follow professionals without logging on to Twitter? Who is gonn benefit out of this integration?

Well, as of now, it’s the best way to Find and Follow Your LinkedIn Connections on Twitter. I am looking forward to your views on this new development.

Happy Tweeting and Linking 🙂


Rambling Recruiter


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