Gild – Can this be the Future of Job Portals?

The other day I came across a Site thought it to be just another Job Portal, with the usual stuff. But to my surprise it had much more than the usual features. (Some of the features were missing) But it looks to be a good start.

The reason for writing about this site is that it might be the one that the recruiter’s might look at with keen interest in the near future. (Hiring Quality- Pre Qualified candidates). The creator of this site calls it as “Career and Job Advancement for Technologists”.

Just to give you a background, Guild is a site that offers recruiters the liberty to choose candidates according to the PAC Global Standing, i.e. based on Skills, Academic, Profession, Reputation and Aptitude. You get a score which is then compared to the Global Standings. This gives you a chance to Improve Your Competitiveness.

There are sections where the candidate can add his / Skills, Certification details. Based on the same, the PAC Scores are calculated. This will help the recruiters to fasten the screening process, and will also be able to find a quality candidate according to the ratings mentioned. It also has a unique feature for the Employers on this site. The Employers can sponsor quizzes, Competitions and also try to build a preferred employer brand through this site. This will surely create an interest among the candidates (there are amazing prizes like – iPad, iPod etc) Sounds Interesting? Right?

Some of the things that the site can improve on are as follows:

– The database cannot be searched as of now. May be as this site gets popular, they might think to give an access to the Employers.

-One more thing that they can improve on is liberty for the candidates to upload their resume. As of now he can only import his CV from LinkedIn.

-The Skills section needs lot of additions; many of the skills are missing, as of now.

So does this mean the future of Recruiting will be based on such sites that give a rating based on Skills and certifications Entered by the candidates? Will this help in making the job easier for the Recruiters?

Well it’s still difficult to say that, as it’s just a few weeks since this site has been launched. Although there around 9 Employers featuring on this site, it might increase as time goes by. It sure does have a potential to grow in this competitive market. Looking forward to your views on the same.


Rambling Recruiter


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  1. Thanks for your review and feedback on Gild. We really appreciate your ideas for improvement.

    (BTW, this is an interesting blog. I’m glad to have discovered it.)


  2. Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
    I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

    Thumbs up, and keep it going!


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