Social Networking sites a blessing for Recruitments!!

Social Networking sites a blessing for Recruitments!!

Social Networking Sites… You might have heard about it day in and day out. Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, LinkedIn (There is a lot of debate going on about it being a professionals networking or Social Networking site). The reason for getting into this topic was to understand from the end users about its impact on the Recruitment process. (Today’s)

The question that I always wanted to know from the Recruitment Guru’s out there was “Impact of Social Networking Sites in today’s Recruitment process!

There was an encouraging response from the professionals; they too were keen to know about the actual impact of these sites. In my previous blog there was a special mention about Job Portals going social!! has come up with an option to post jobs directly on my social / professional networking sites. This was a huge step forward (in the right direction), as this will help the recruiters to tap the resources having presence in the Social networking world out there.

Following data was collected from an online poll on LinkedIn, 350 respondents were part of this poll (HR professionals).

Here are the results:

LinkedIn Poll

59% say Plays an important role

28% say at an early stage

11% say not much of an Impact

Well, what does this mean? Can we conclude that it’s a win win situation for the recruiters / hiring managers? Or can we still say that it’s got a huge potential, but it still needs to be tested. Most of the Hiring managers would like to have an ROI for these sites. Is that possible?

Social Networking sites have created a place in the Recruiting world. It will be interesting to see the real share in the hiring process.

PS: The poll is still active, if you want to participate. (You can add to the stats ;))


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    I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

    Thumbs up, and keep it going!

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  2. Hi Kundar,

    I that people should carefully monitor their activity on sites like LinkedIn for this reason. You can’t behave the same way on Facebook as you do on LinkedIn because your potential employer will definitely look at LinkedIn and weigh that more heavily. At least one would hope so anyway.
    Thanks for the links.

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