Job Portals going social!!

What is social about a job portal? Hmmm Tuff one to answer.

The reason for writing this post was, the other day I was on (India’s No 1 Job Portal, stats say it). It was a routine task of Job Posting, and I was almost done by submitting it on the site. But then there was a new window – Guess what, I had an option to publish my job posting on my social / professional networking sites.

Interesting.. Right?  Wonder what made them to introduce this feature on a Job Portal.

It will surely give the recruiters a wider audience, and the job openings will reach those who might not even have their resumes on the job portal.

It’s a win win situation for both the parties. As a recruiter one can publish the job postings on LinkedIn, Gmail (Status Bar), Twitter, Facebook, Brijj accounts.


Hope that this will provide more relevant profiles from this new feature.

I am still wondering – what made them to introduce this feature on a Job Portal 😉

Job Portals going social!!

3 thoughts on “Job Portals going social!!

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  1. Hi Kunal,
    This is a very good step by Naukri.

    It will help the jobs get wider exposure and can reach many passive candidates also.

    Even Naukri has started their own twitter channels, where they cross post jobs posted on their portal.

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