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Job Portals going social!!

What is social about a job portal? Hmmm Tuff one to answer.

The reason for writing this post was, the other day I was on (India’s No 1 Job Portal, stats say it). It was a routine task of Job Posting, and I was almost done by submitting it on the site. But then there was a new window – Guess what, I had an option to publish my job posting on my social / professional networking sites.

Interesting.. Right?  Wonder what made them to introduce this feature on a Job Portal.

It will surely give the recruiters a wider audience, and the job openings will reach those who might not even have their resumes on the job portal.

It’s a win win situation for both the parties. As a recruiter one can publish the job postings on LinkedIn, Gmail (Status Bar), Twitter, Facebook, Brijj accounts.


Hope that this will provide more relevant profiles from this new feature.

I am still wondering – what made them to introduce this feature on a Job Portal 😉

Job Portals going social!!