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Google Buzz – What? How? Why?

It’s been 2 days since the launch of Google’s very own Social Networking Site. Some call it a killer of Facebook, some term it as heartbreak for Twitter. Well, its up to you to decide what u like it to be.

There have been numerous views, reviews, comments about Google Buzz. Some are positive, some not that encouraging. You might wonder this post too might give you a download of those reviews. Sorry to disappoint you, I am here to give u a background of what Google Buzz is all about.


Google Buzz is a social integration and messaging tool by Google, designed to integrate into the company’s web-based email program, Gmail.

–  Buzz allows users to choose to share publicly with the world or privately to a small group of friends each time they post. Picasa, Flickr, Google Reader, YouTube, Blogger, and Twitter are currently integrated.


–   All you need to have is a Gmail account. Just Login, there will be a Buzz logo below your Inbox section

–  Just enter it, and Buzz is on…………….

–   It will show all your contacts, and also those who are following you (if your friends are already buzzing) and also those whom you can follow on Buzz.

–   All you need to do is integrate sites like Twitter, Picasa, Flickr and other sites into your Buzz, and start sharing your links, pics, comments with your friends.

–  Comments are updated – Real time, Yes Real Time.


–   Why Use Buzz?

–   It’s integrated with Gmail – so no need to invite friends, it automatically adds those people to your friends list.

–  Buzz brings in Twitter, Picasa and Flickr

–  You can tag locations and GPS co-ordinates on other social services

–   It’s Google


Although it’s just a start, but a good start. Go on, try it out.


Hang on, it’s GOOGLE BUZZ

Describe yourself in 160 characters!!!! Piece of cake?

Just to give a background about this post before I go on explaining, Twitter does have a small section (very small) where you can write about yourself in 160 characters, yes 160 characters.

It’s called One Line Bio 😉

Check it out

It might seem easy, but once you try to pen it down (I mean type it out) it’s a tuff task for most of us. I have also included my name in that list. Ok, so why is it important to have a Bio?

Bio is your first impression, that’s what people look at. It’s not necessary for you to write everything (well you just have 160 characters). The important thing is to write the real you, it might talk about your profession, what you like, what you are looking for or just add a little bit of humor.

Confusing? Sort of? Ok, let me make it more complicated…. Just kidding, simpler………..

Its all about keywords, make the most of those characters, as these keywords will help people to search you. Amazing …..Right… power of 160 characters. J

Yes it does work, try it out, and just be yourself. Make the most of every character that you have… I mean 160 characters 😉

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