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Why do we comment on Blogs!!!

This morning I was going through this post, an Amazing post by Robert Bravery –

Robert had asked a question, why we comment on Blogs!! It seems an easy question, with may be simple, yet complex answers. But it’s a very important question.


Comment on Blogs

Well, this is my version of the answer.

As far as I am concerned, I comment on blogs on topics of my interest. That includes anything written about Twitter, Facebook and majorly about Social Networking sites. ( Social Media is my Favorite ) There is a list of Bloggers (Amazing Bloggers) that I follow.

They have some amazing piece of art on their Blogs. The reason I mentioned art is, because its really amazing to go through their content and their views on various topics about Social Media, Blogging World and Social Networking.

Following is the list that I follow :

–  Author: Robert Bravery  –

–  Author : Amybeth –

Author: Rick Mans –

–  Author: Darren Rowse –

Author : Naomi Dunford –

Author : Ileane Smith –

Author: Daniel Scocco –

–  Author: Hesham Zebida –

The list goes on and on…. But it’s just an amazing experience to follow them, and read their posts.

Your list could be different, and you might also have different reason to comment on Blogs.

At the end of the day, it’s all about sharing Views, comments, knowledge to the Blogging world out there.

Looking forward to know your views on the same and also to know why you comment or don’t comment to Blogs.


Rambling Recruiter

Rambling Recruiter

Is LinkedIn moving from a social networking site towards a Job Portal?

Before I move on with the Post, i would just like to take a few minutes to share some info about LinkedIn.

Most of them might be aware of it, but it’s always good to unlearn some of the facts about LinkedIn 🙂

Job Portal?

LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking site. Founded in December 2002 and launched in May 2003 it is mainly used for professional networking. As of October 2009, LinkedIn had more than 50 million registered users, spanning more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. (Wikipedia)

Ok, let’s get into this Debate, The reason why I termed it as Debate is because professionals out there are divided on this issue. Just to gauge their opinions, I did conduct a poll (on LinkedIn ;)) the poll is still open @

There were more than 300 professionals that participated in this poll. And the comments and stats were quite amazing (responses too).  Following are some of the stats out of this Poll

–          46% were of the opinion that yes, it’s moving towards a Job Portal

–          31% said no, it is not

–          22% said that it will have to… in coming years

One more interesting fact was the age group of the participants who were involved in this poll.

–          66% were in the age group of 25 – 34

–          22% between 35 – 54

–          11% between 18 -24

–          And 1% with 55+

Is this enough to conclude that it’s moving towards a Job portal? Well ….surely not.

But just to add, I would like to ask for a favor, request you all to type – “looking for job” in the search section of LinkedIn, and see the number of people (60,849 results for looking for job)

You can put – “Looking for a Job” Or “seeking Jobs” or “Looking for a job opportunity” etc 🙂

Interesting isn’t it…….

You are free to agree or disagree on the same 🙂 , looking forward to your comments and feedback’s 🙂

Happy Recruiting


Rambling Recruiter

Rambling Recruiter

Post From Anywhere » To Anywhere

Yes it’s possible.

I am on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress, Plurk, Ning, MySpace etc etc

Well, i am not bragging about my presence, but just wanted to highlight that there are so many social networking sites / networking sites. It really gets difficult to manage all of them.

But, there is a solution to this problem. The answer is @

Try it... Click here

Yes it works well. All you need is to register on this site, and then just add in the sites and their details on to the Manage Social Networks section. There are loads of sites that you can add. ( there were some amazing sites that i came across in this section )

So what are you waiting for, go on…. Ping…….

Try it out. Eagerly waiting for your feedback on this. Hope this might ease the problems of managing all the sites.


Rambling Recruiter

Rambling Recruiter

Looking for someone? Start your search here

To my surprise I was able to find people on this site, with foot prints on various Social networking sites, blogs, their images, mail ids etc. all bundled in one page. Amazing isn’t it. It’s Possible at

If you are looking for professionals, and wondering if he / she has a presence on the net (Online Footprints), then this site will surely help you achieve your goal.

All you need to do is enter the first name and last name, and search. It will have various tabs such as:

–          Social Networks

–          Search Engines

–          Photo/Video/Audio

–          Personal

–          Profiles

It covers most of the Social Networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Xing, Zoominfo, My Space and Windows live. If you want to add some more into it, you can go to the settings page and do the same.

With reference to the Search engines, it includes Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Blogs

It also searches photos, or videos with the help of You Tube, Flickr and images on various search Engines

Just to add to it, it also provides Tags related to the search, and the mail id’s of that individual.

Once you Login, the best part is that you can view Statistics related to your profile. That includes recent profile visits, recent searches on Whoozy on your name, recent came from (external sites) and Search engine traffic too

If you are looking for someone but can’t find him/her? In that case Whoozy can help, just leave a message so they can get back in touch with you. 🙂 It works

PS: you can also search company details via the same methods.

So, what are you waiting for, go on, try it out at

Looking forward for your inputs and suggestions on the same, also if you have come across such similar sites, I would also like to know about those with your help.

Happy Recruiting

Rambling Recruiter

Effective use of LinkedIn for Job Postings (Its Free!!!!)

“LinkedIn” I guess most of you reading this must be on LinkedIn. Well, As of October 2009, LinkedIn had more than 50 million registered users. Not surprising by the pace it’s growing, it’s the preferred destination for Professionals.

The reason for writing this post was to share some of the effective ways for Job Postings on LinkedIn.

The other day I cam across a Group of LinkedIn – Job Openings, Job Leads and Job Connections!, to my surprise, there were more than 96,828 members in that group. (

Just imagine if one can post his / her requirement in this Group, the kind of exposure your posting will receive will be huge. This does not mean that you will get resumes instantly (in some cases you might)

Enough of selling, lets get straight to the point, Effective ways to use LinkedIn for Job Postings:

– Join specific Groups ( Technology , Domain, Region)

– Try to follow the discussions in that particular group ( Contribute )

– You can post your jobs ( in the job section only ) and publish to its members

–  This Posting can be viewed by all the members in that particular group

–  Try to pick and choose groups selectively ( Maximum number of groups one can join is 50 )

– Always keep the comments section open when u post a job, these help professionals to respond to your Postings.

– Always mention your contact details (Mail Id) at the end of the mail.

– Try to put your companies Career Page link, so that the candidate can also apply directly ( Increasing your company’s database )

– If you are creating a Group, always provide a crisp Group info, and make sure that you respond to the quires put across by professionals. ( Relevant one’s )

– Ensure that you also put across a one liner in your status section, and link it to your Twitter Account ( This gives your posting maximum viewership )

– Job Posting in Groups is FREE, so make the most of it.

PS: There are certain specific rules set by the admin of Groups, do adhere to those rules. Also some groups where your request for joining the group would be reviewed by the admin, and then followed by an approval.

I am sure that you would also come across a few more ways to make it more effective during this process. I am looking forward for your inputs on the same.

Happy Recruiting


Rambling Recruiter

Rambling Recruiter

Facebook for Recruiting….you must be kidding…..Right?

I am not kidding……..

Well, it’s a fact; Facebook can be used for recruiting purpose. You must be wondering how? And why do I need Facebook for that. Just to give you an idea, it’s not compulsory for you to use Facebook for this. But before you make up your mind about it, I would like to provide some information on what all things u might miss if you don’t use it (Or try it)

Some Stats (

a)      More than 350 million active users

b)      More than 3.5 million events created each month

c)       More than 1.6 million active Pages on Facebook

d)      More than 700,000 local businesses have active Pages on Facebook

e)      Pages have created more than 5.3 billion fans

Well, these are some of the figures that might be of you interest (your interest / Companies interest)

Some tips on how to use it (You guys can also add to it – I am looking forward to learn from you professionals out there)

a)  Create a group for your company on Facebook.  You can post your latest jobs, latest news about your company and this can also be used for Branding.  ( )

b) Create a Fan Page about your company, this also gives you an opportunity to create fans, and also interact with potential job seekers out there.                   ( )

c) You can also tap regional Networks such as – Regional, Workplaces, Colleges and High Schools

d) You can also post your jobs on the market listing (

e)  You can also create an event on facebook for your Walk-in Interviews, and know who are attending it.

( )

( )

You can surely try these things for starters and then build upon it.

Following are some of the companies that have taken this to the next level.

a)      Ernst & Young currently has over 35000 fans on Facebook (includes a section for Freshers and Experienced professionals)

b)      Accenture has over 11000 members in its Group

c)       KPMG with over 9000 members

These are just a few examples of the popularity of Facebook, and the channels that are now being used by recruiters to tap resources. As I mentioned in the start, that it’s not compulsory for you to use these channels, but can u take the risk of not tapping this huge talent out there.

PS: Creating Pages, Groups and posting on Facebook is free…. Yes FREE.

Hope this might help you to try it out once 😉


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