Why do we comment on Blogs!!!

This morning I was going through this post, an Amazing post by Robert Bravery - http://is.gd/7cx5x Robert had asked a question, why we comment on Blogs!! It seems an easy question, with may be simple, yet complex answers. But it’s a very important question. Why? Well, this is my version of the answer. As far... Continue Reading →

Is LinkedIn moving from a social networking site towards a Job Portal?

Before I move on with the Post, i would just like to take a few minutes to share some info about LinkedIn. Most of them might be aware of it, but it’s always good to unlearn some of the facts about LinkedIn 🙂 LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking site. Founded in December 2002 and... Continue Reading →

Effective use of LinkedIn for Job Postings (Its Free!!!!)

“LinkedIn” I guess most of you reading this must be on LinkedIn. Well, As of October 2009, LinkedIn had more than 50 million registered users. Not surprising by the pace it’s growing, it’s the preferred destination for Professionals. The reason for writing this post was to share some of the effective ways for Job Postings... Continue Reading →

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