What is this Blog about? And why would you read it?

There are millions of blogs ( hmm well, not sure exactly how many, but many out there )

Many of you must be wondering, whats in for me in this blog? Why will i spend my precious time reading through this pile of words.

Well…. good question guys…

Well its simple ( in fact very complicated ), I am in the recruitment business ( hmm world), hence generally come across various sites or networks that are useful to attract candidates ( resources , associates, pool, tech guys, well every company have various names attached to them ). Also to understand your views about this huge World. Well, enough of this selling. Lets talk business.

This is just a small start to share and learn from you awesome, great, amazing professionals out there. Hoping ( me sure ) that this Rambling recruiter during this entire journey will gain immense knowledge and will reach some place ( Nice place )

Happy recruiting ………..

Recession is over guys… keep up the good work


About ramblingrecruiter

A student of Social Media, Social Hiring, Employer Branding and Employee Branding.

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  1. Kudo to the post and interesting comment, i also bookmarked your RSS feeds for more updates.

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