Global List of HR TweetChats right here!!!

Before we move towards the list of amazing TweetChats across the Globe, let’s spend some time on some basic questions. Can you learn, share and connect in 140 characters? The answer is YES. Twitter has been at the forefront of proving an amazing platform to Learn, Share and Connect. Now your next question would be HOW? And for some it will be WHY? The following post is a small attempt to answer the HOW, WHAT, and WHY. So get ready for an amazing journey of 140 characters.

Gone are the days when people used to run away from Twitter (Some Still do run), But there has been a positive change and people are slowly moving towards Twitter. Especially as an HR professional one must explore Twitter. If you find value, do stay back, if you don’t, you are free to move out. But no point talking negatively about Twitter without joining it and exploring the right places.

So coming back to the topic – Can you learn, share and connect in 140 characters? TweetChats is the answer to all your questions. You might have heard a lot about TweetChats, might have participated in a few of those. Surely it’s an amazing platform that connects HR professionals and helps in engaging on to a particular topic. You can call it as your Personal LMS (Learning Management System). As an HR Professional you need to stay connected with the latest trends in the market, take note of best practices around the globe. This is where TweetChats helps you to achieve that.




Following is the Global list of  HR related TweetChats that might interest you and help you to learn, share and connect in just 140 Characters.

 –  PlugHR sets up & runs HR department for companies for a fixed subscription bringing in the best HR practices,across sectors in 7 Indian CitiesThey have Twitter Chats which Occurs every Thursday at 4:00pm IST. Hosted by - Rakshita Dwivedi : @Raks_d

#chrdx – It occurs Wednesday of the 3rd week of every month at 7:30pm. Hosted by @nidhisand

#HirersChat – It occurs every Saturday at 11am IST. Hosted by @thehirers

#sourcingchat – A dedicated TweetChat for Sourcing and Hiring Professionals. It occurs 1st Wed of every Month at 4pm IST. Hosted by @SourcingAdda

#talkingmatters –  It is part of @peoplematters2 Radio Program that Occurs 1st Week of  Every Month at 12pm IST.

 – They are known as change agents transform the world of HR-Broadcasts LIVE show every first and third Tuesday at 8 pm IST. Hosted by Nisha Raghavan – @TheHrbuddy 

#NextChat – Sharing the latest workforce and workplace trends and best practices. @weknownext is the Host of  #NextChat on Wed at 3 p.m. ET ie 12:30am IST (Thu)

#dthr – @drivethruhr is a Daily 30 minute radio program hosted by @bryanwempen @williamtincup @thehrbuddy. You can tune in for great HR conversations.

#ihrchat – (Earlier know as #IndiaHRChat) is a monthly twitter chat aimed at creating conversation with/for the Indian HR community and those interested in the region. It occurs at 7 PM IST, 8.30 AM EST, and 1.30 PM GMT on the last Wednesday of every month. Hosted by @tanvi_gautam

#TChat – It occurs Every Wednesday 7-8 pm ET ie 4:30am IST. Tough for India based followers to attend it. But one can always check the hashtag and activities the next day. Hosted by @meghanmbiro and @kevinwgrossman

#LeadershipChat – As the name suggests, an amazing place to connect and learn from Leaders. Occurs Every Tue, 8pm (ET) ie 5:30am. Again Tough for India based followers to attend it. But one can always check the hashtag and activities the next day. Hosted by @swoodruff and @LisaPetrilli

#TalentNet – It is a Tweetchat & a radio talk show for recruiters and HR Professionals. Occurs Every Tue 7pm – 8pm ET.  ie 4:30am IST. This chat is hosted by @Fishdogs@TheOneCrystal@mattcharney, and @mverver.

#peoplechat – Occurs Every Tuesday 12.30 – 1pm (CT) ie 11pm IST. Hosted by

#Spiritchat – This is an interesting community TweetChat hosted by @AjmaniK that occurs every Sun 9am ET ie 6:30pm IST.

#HFChat – The whole idea of #HFChat is to make your job search easier. A great platform to connect with leaders in the career search industry. Occurs Every Friday at 12 pm ET, ie 9:30pm IST. Hosted by @HRMargo

#HRTechChat – As the name suggests, its all about HR and Technology. It Occurs Every Friday 2-3pm ET, ie 11:30pm IST. Hosted by @brentskinner & @MeghanMBiro

#linkedinchat - All about LinkedIn. Share all your quires right here :) Occurs Every Tue 8 – 9pm ET, ie 5:30am IST.  Tough for India based followers to attend it. But one can always check the hashtag and activities the next day. Hosted by @LinkedInExpert & @martinehunter

 #pocchat - Hosted by @raehanbobby  Occurs Every Monday at 11am  ET ie 8:30pm  IST Monday

#HBRogue – A weekly discussion that happens every Thu from 1-2pm ET ie 10:30pm IST. Hosted by @HBRogue1 

#Luv4Social – A weekly Twitter chat on Thursdays at 2pm ET/1pm CT ie 11:30pm IST,  for professionals, students & enthusiasts! They tweet on all things social media & marketing! Hosted by @Luv4Social

#lrnchat – Where the topics of social media and learning meet each Thu 8:30pm ET / 5:30pm PT ie 6am IST. Hosted by @lrnchat

#omcchat – An Open Mic Career Chat : Friday 12-1PM ET ie 9:30pm IST with @CyndyTrivella @TomBolt @LevyRecruits; a career/job search chat.

#ozlearn –  Australia’s first L&D tweet chat. Join us every second Tuesday of the month at 8:00 p.m. (AEST) ie 3:30pm IST. @LearnKotch is the founder of @OzLearn

#leadfromwithin – A TweetChat that covers topics such as: Teamwork, Communication, Character, Change management, Core Values, Vision, Conflict, Influence, and much more. It Occurs Every Tue at 8pm ET,  ie 7:30pm IST. Here is the complete schedule of topics – .Hosted by @LollyDaskal

#Blogchat – A dedicated TweetChat about Blogging. Occurs every Sun 8pm CT ie 6:30am IST. @MackCollier is the Founder.

#BeTheOne – A monthly chat about inspiring people to make a difference through personal leadership that infuses integrity, dignity and character. Occurs every Month 9pm EST ie 6:30am IST. Hosted by @BridgetHaymond and @pdncoach 

#peopleskills@KateNasser is the founder of #PeopleSkills which occurs Every Sunday 10am ET ie 7:30pm IST, Sunday

#ESNchatweekly Twitter chat hosted by @JeffKRoss on Thu from 2-3pm ET ie 11:30pm IST. This TweetChat is for those interested in Enterprise Social Networks

Hope you had a great time exploring these amazing HR related TweetChats. Happy Tweeting and Happy Learning.


Rambling Recruiter


Don’t (Just) join Twitter to look for Resumes

Hey, how to get resumes from Twitter?

Twitter is very complicated!!!

Do we actually get resumes on Twitter?

All one needs to ask was, “Are you on Twitter?” The answer is  -“No I am not on Twitter”

This is a typical problem that Recruiters / HR / Sourcers face and end up either not joining Twitter or end up not using Twitter.

Top_30In an ideal situation, Recruiters / HR / Sourcers must not Join Twitter (Just) to look for resumes. You might be surprised to here this statement. Well, there are many reasons to join Twitter other than looking for candidates.  As they say you can’t learn swimming by reading a book, you need to get into the pool. Same is the case with Twitter. You need to be on Twitter to experience it. So, your next question is for what should we join Twitter for?

- Tweetchats 

- Twitter : A Goldmine

- Build your Brand (Individual / Company)

- Follow HR Leaders, Fellow Recruiters, CEO’s, Company’s Twitter Account

- Ask questions related to any technology, hiring process, new methods of hiring / you can also answers questions based on your experience.

- Dont just keep on posting jobs on Twitter, keep it going but at times its just too much.

We as recruiters are programmed to use social platforms such as a Job Portal. Twitter is not a Job Portal. Self Learning is a key, and one can only grow if one is willing to learn. . I’m not selling Twitter to Recruiters, but just trying to say that there is also a different side to Twitter. All you need to do is invest some quality time.

Looking forward to your views on this topic.

Happy Tweeting.



LinkedIn Publishing Platform is not for Posting Jobs? Is it?

Before we get down to business and before all Recruiters start defending Posting Jobs on LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform, let’s know more about it first. Did you know that LinkedIn has been providing a publishing platform for 100 global influencers since 2012? And soon based on the success of it, in Feb 2014 LinkedIn announced that it was opening it up to another 25,000 members and then soon giving access to all its 300+ million users. I too was fortunate to be part of the first 25k users to get access to this amazing platform.


Ideally when LinkedIn must have thought to introduce this publishing platform, not sure if they might have thought that recruiters might end up posting jobs on it. You might say that what is wrong in that. Well, there is nothing wrong in posting jobs, but Publishing Platform’s main motto was to share your thoughts, insights and articles with your followers.

Off lately there have been many users who have got access to the Publishing Platform. It’s a great move by LinkedIn to encourage more users to start sharing their thoughts with their LinkedIn Community. It also helps you to increase traffic on your Profile and your blog too. All you need is to link it via LinkedIn Publishing Platform.

LinkedIn Publishing

Before the recruiting community starts getting into a debate, let me also say that even I am a Recruiter. Just like you even I am always looking for platforms that can help me post jobs and hire talent. But this particular platform is not meant to be used for posting jobs.  One should share their professional expertise with the world via this platform.

This is also a great place for first time bloggers to start sharing their experience with their LinkedIn community, increase their brand visibility and followers too. But the challenge is that LinkedIn itself can’t stop this, and they should also not do it. It’s upon the individuals to make the right use of this Publishing Platform.

So would you like to be an influencer by using LinkedIn Publishing Platform? If not, you are free to continue Posting Jobs.

Looking forward to your thoughts on this interesting development related to LinkedIn Publishing Platform.


Rambling Recruiter


What is HR ?

Originally posted on Let's Talk about Human Resources:

I was in conversation with an Intern recently and this how it went:

Me: Which area have you chosen for your intern-ship?

Her: Recruitment.

Me: Why?

Her: Because I like it!

Me: What’s so great about recruitment? Doesn’t it get monotonous after a while?

Her: Yes, then I can shift in HR.

Me: What is HR according to you?

Her: Motivating employees by Performance Management, providing them incentives, perks, salaries etc.

Me: What else?

Her: Training.

Me: Any non monetary ways to motivate employees you know of?

Her: *blank*

Me: You can take a minute to think.

Her: *still blank*; Don’t know!

Me: That’s HR!

Her: *surprised* !!!!!

Image Source : Dilbert Website

Human Resource is a tough job, no doubts about that. You’ve to cater to so many employees at the same time. Moreover, the management thinks you are siding with employees and the employees tag you as management’s…

View original 130 more words

Dear HR, Recruiters, Sourcers are you missing this action on Twitter!!!

140 Characters of magical world. Twitter has surely given HR Professionals a great place to connect, engage, learn and share with fellow Professionals. As a HR professional, one can gain immense knowledge by just joining various TweetChats, Webinars, Twangout etc. All one needs to have is a Twitter Account.

So Dear HR, Recruiters, Sourcers, do you have a Twitter Account!! If yes, lets take a look at some of the most amazing TweetChats that take place on Twitter. If you don’t have a Twitter Account, you are surely missing on a lot of action that is taking place on Twitter. So what are you waiting for, Open your Twitter Account Right now and follow these Hashtags.


1) #SourcingChat : This is the latest entrant in the world of TweetChats. Its also know as India’s first TweetChat for Sourcing Professionals. Its a great platform for all Talent Acquisition Professionals (Recruiters and Sourcers) to collaborate and share insights on Twitter. It happens on 1st Wed of every month.

2) #hrtrends: PlugHR sets up & runs HR department for companies for a fixed subscription bringing in the best HR practices,across sectors in 7 Indian Cities. They have Twitter Chats which Occurs every Thursday at 4:00pm IST

3) #indiahrchat : #IndiaHRchat is a monthly twitter chat aimed at creating conversation with/for the Indian HR community and those interested in the region. It occurs at 7 PM IST, 8.30 AM EST, 1.30 PM GMT on the last Wednesday of every month.

4) #dthr : @drivethruhr is a Daily 30 minute radio program hosted by @bryanwempen @williamtincup & @thehrbuddy. You can tune in for great HR conversations.

5) #IndiaHRLIVE – Is there a LIVE TV Channel for #HR Professionals!!! The answers is YES :) @IndiaHRLive Broadcasts LIVE video interviews & Panel discussions twice a month on Tuesday’s 8 pm IST.

6) #Chrdx – This is also yet another TweetChat that involves chats on various HR related topics. It occurs last week of every month.

7) #TalkingMatters - This is People Matters Radio Show Talking Matters. You can join in First Friday of every month!

You can also check the power of some of these Tweetchats right here –

So what are you waiting for X-MAS ;) Go on, explore the amazing world of Twitter.

Happy Tweeting


Get ready for Twitter’s New Profile Design

Are you on Twitter!! If yes there is good news for you. If you are not on Twitter, this is the right time for you to join the amazing world of 140 characters. Twitter is all set to impress its 500+ million users around the globe. Yes, I am talking about Twitter’s New Profile Design. So will this new design give more information about you to your followers!! Will it be more user friendly!! Will it increase your number of followers!!! Well, time will only tell.

So let’s look at what will you get as part of the new profile design. We are all aware of the concept of Cover Page, right. Thanks to Facebook. So Twitter too has been inspired by it and now gives it users to put a large cover page as part of the profile. This is just the start. Let’s take a look at some more additions that will impress you.

  • Your Best Tweets: The new design will make sure that the tweets that have received more engagement will appear slightly larger, so your best content is easy to find.
  • Get Filtered Tweets: Now you can choose which timeline to view when checking out other profiles. Select from these options: Tweets, Tweets with photos/videos, or Tweets and replies.
  • Pinned Tweet: Just like you were able to Pin a status message on Facebook Groups, Twitter will also give you a chance to Pin one of your Tweets to the top of your page, so it’s easy for your followers to see what you’re all about.

Let’s look at how the new profile actually looks like :

So as you can see, the followers can now see the pinned tweet, favorite tweets by the user and also when did this user actually joined the amazing world of twitter.

So are you impressed by this new look!! Will this help encourage more people to join !! Well, hope so. Twitter is an amazing place where one can Connect, Learn, Share and Engage with amazing Recruiters, Sourcers, Industry experts, HR Professionals, Technology Experts. Think of the kind of knowledge all of these experts have and best part is that they are already sharing it on Twitter. Needless to say that all you have to do is follow them.

So what are you waiting for? Join in the amazing world of Twitter. Also looking forward to your views and comments about Twitter’s new design.



Yes I’m Proud to be a “Sourcer” | Are you!!!!

This journey began way back in 2005, when I entered in the Corporate World. Day 1 and I was calling candidates and inviting them to come for Interviews. Then Started with Sourcing resumes via Naukri and (India’s premier Job Portals) then entered the world of passive hiring and now Social Recruiting. Since that day I have been fascinated by the way things have changed in Sourcing.  Way back in 2011 I have written a Blog for SourceCon titled Sourcer OR Recruiter: A Classic Title Dilemma in India

Sourcing is a Specialized Job and it needs real passion to work as a sourcer. Typically most of the sourcing experts end up working on bulk requirements; it is also known as mass hiring. When it comes to this kind of hiring, there is a lot of dependency on Job Portals. And the sourcer is just restricted towards Job Portals.

Years have passed by, but has the mindset changed towards Sourcing in India!! Are sourcers still hiding behind the shadow of Recruiters!! Are they using their Sourcer Title in their LinkedIn resume!!! Does their Twitter Bio say “Sourcer”!!! The answer is a BIG YES.


Sourcing is at the center stage of hiring process in India. It is considered as a cost saving team that is expert at finding talent from best possible and cost effective channels. With the emergence of Social Media, Sourcing has moved to a new level. Sourcing which was just restricted to Job Portals has now evolved. Now Sourcers have adopted this new medium and are active on relevant channels to source talent. There are special Sourcing Teams which work on niche requirements, a team that works on Leadership Sourcing and a team that even does Market Mapping.

Sourcers are now active on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook in search of candidates. But a word of caution:  You cannot tell a sourcer to use LinkedIn for Generic Requirements. Also you can’t expect the sourcer to line up 100′s of candidates using the passive sourcing channels. Hence one needs to ensure that the right sourcing channels are being used.

Let me repeat myself; Sourcing is all about Passion, it’s all about challenging you to search, learn and explore new ways to source. As a sourcer one must be ready to adopt new channels, try them and test them. Don’t be afraid of failure, just go ahead and explore the online world.

Yes I’m Proud to be a “Sourcer”. Are you!!!!

Looking forward to your experience and views about Sourcing Function in India.

Naukri vs LinkedIn Company Pages!!!

Naukri vs LinkedIn!!! Come on, you must be kidding. Naukri has 35 million + users and LinkedIn India has close to 20+ million users. So how can you think of even comparing it? Hang on. Hold on to your thoughts. Naukri is a well know Job Portal and LinkedIn is….not a Job Portal as many would claim. Okay, it’s known as a Professional Networking Site. So, let’s get back to the topic – Naukri vs LinkedIn Company Pages!!!

You might have seen LinkedIn Company Pages, and might have also explored it. Right!! It does contain HOME > CAREERS > PRODUCTS & SERVICES sections.  Let’s take a look at what Naukri Company Pages have to offer. Naukri likes to call it as ” Naukri Corporate Micro-Site” It does include :

- Home > About Us > Jobs > People > Events & News > Fresher Hiring > Visit Us > Facebook & Twitter Real Time updates > Corporate Videos Section.

Hang on, do they actually have all this on Company Page!!! Wait there is more. They also have 5 running banners on the home screen. So how many of these sections does LinkedIn Company Page have!!! Again, many would still say that LinkedIn is different, the purpose is different and so on. Right!! We are simply comparing the Company Page Sections.

I think LinkedIn must ideally provide Running Banners and  Twitter & Facebook Real Time updates. Well, I understand that if they do, it will come with cost. Nothing comes free. Did you know that Naukri provides this Corporate Micro Site Free of Cost!!! You must be kidding!! They do give this service with the current package that you have.

Enough of talking, lets look at some examples of what we are talking about here :

1) LinkedIn Comnpany Page Example –


2) Naukri Company Page  Example –



So which Page would you like to visit!! Which Company Page would you like the Candidates to visit!! You are free to pick any one of it. The whole idea was not to force you to choose a Company Page, but to show which are things that one can have in a Company Page. PS: LinkedIn, are you listening!!! 

Looking forward to your views and feedback about this interesting topic. Naukri vs LinkedIn Company Pages!!!


Rambling Recruiter

How companies are using Pinterest for Employer Branding!!!

You must have heard companies using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube for Employer Branding. Right!!! Well, here’s a new social Channel that can be used for Employee Branding.  Pinterest is technically not a new platform, it will be completing 4 years this march.  You can also check my previous post “Have you branded yourself on the latest craze – Pinterest” that was posted last year.

So from Feb 2013 to Feb 2014 things have changed and improved. Companies have started using Pinterest to promote their product and services. Companies have found a way to highlight their work, employees, products, domain etc on Pinterest. Can you showcase your company Culture Online!!!!! Yes, you can. Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media sites.You can also use Pinterest as a recruiting tool by showcasing what it’s like to work at your organization and even how to apply and open jobs. You must be looking for some examples, right!!


- EY is a good example where they have created Boards such as EY Infographics, EY Strategic Growth Forum, Life at EY, EY our History and so on.

- Nestlé USA Careers

- Dell Careers

- Philips

What does these Board do to you as a audience!!It surely brings out a visual treat and highlights Company Culture Online. As a candidate you would like to see what’s it like to work in your next company. Images do play a vital role in human minds. Me not a psychiatrist, but can surely say that people do like to see  visual images.

Here are some more boards that one can create on Pinterest :

- Join our team (How to apply)

- Job search tips, such as how to network or how to prepare for an interview

- LinkedIn / Twittter / Facebook page links

- Company blog ,Current events , news about your organization

- Leadership Page.

The choice is yours as you can create boards that suits your companies strategy. Content is already available on your company Website, all you need to do is identify them and present it visually to the audience.

Looking forward to your views on this interesting tool. Hope to see you on Pinterest.

Lets connect on Pinterest –

 Happy Pinning ;)

What, How, When, Where, Why !! All about #Tweetup

“Tweetup” Is it a new Twitter Analytics Tool!! Well, not really. A tweetup is an event where people who follow each other on Twitter meet up. Where do they meet!! Online!! Well, they normally decide a venue (Normally a Café or a Restaurant).

So why a Tweetup when you can sit in front of your laptop or use your smartphone to connect with people!!! Let me ask you this – Why do companies prefer a Face to Face interview!!! Well, Tweetup is not about Interviews, but In-Person meets do help us know more about the person than just 140 characters of his or her Twitter Bio :)

Last week I had attend an interesting Tweetup with @Sarangbrahme @nabomita_smiles @RajeshMTHRG and @GlobeSlother in Pune. Although I have been following them on Twitter, it was great meeting them in person. This gave me a unique opportunity to know more about them, their work and their interests.  We spoke about topics such as role of Social Learning, how is Social Media helping them in their respective work – Personal and Professional.


There were also some notes that were exchanged about Best Practices in Social Recruiting, Digital Marketing and Leadership.  There were also some interesting insights that were shared about string theory and social strategies.  My favorite one was the discussion around “Some people communicate far more on Twitter than in person”

It was a great Tweetup and this surely helped us all to know more about each other. Tweetup is a great way to connect, engage, learn and share with people who are on Twitter.  It’s like finally putting a name to a face. Looking forward to your experience on Tweetups.

Rambling Recruiter


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