Yes I’m Proud to be a “Sourcer” | Are you!!!!

This journey began way back in 2005, when I entered in the Corporate World. Day 1 and I was calling candidates and inviting them to come for Interviews. Then Started with Sourcing resumes via Naukri and (India’s premier Job Portals) then entered the world of passive hiring and now Social Recruiting. Since that day I have been fascinated by the way things have changed in Sourcing.  Way back in 2011 I have written a Blog for SourceCon titled Sourcer OR Recruiter: A Classic Title Dilemma in India

Sourcing is a Specialized Job and it needs real passion to work as a sourcer. Typically most of the sourcing experts end up working on bulk requirements; it is also known as mass hiring. When it comes to this kind of hiring, there is a lot of dependency on Job Portals. And the sourcer is just restricted towards Job Portals.

Years have passed by, but has the mindset changed towards Sourcing in India!! Are sourcers still hiding behind the shadow of Recruiters!! Are they using their Sourcer Title in their LinkedIn resume!!! Does their Twitter Bio say “Sourcer”!!! The answer is a BIG YES.


Sourcing is at the center stage of hiring process in India. It is considered as a cost saving team that is expert at finding talent from best possible and cost effective channels. With the emergence of Social Media, Sourcing has moved to a new level. Sourcing which was just restricted to Job Portals has now evolved. Now Sourcers have adopted this new medium and are active on relevant channels to source talent. There are special Sourcing Teams which work on niche requirements, a team that works on Leadership Sourcing and a team that even does Market Mapping.

Sourcers are now active on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook in search of candidates. But a word of caution:  You cannot tell a sourcer to use LinkedIn for Generic Requirements. Also you can’t expect the sourcer to line up 100′s of candidates using the passive sourcing channels. Hence one needs to ensure that the right sourcing channels are being used.

Let me repeat myself; Sourcing is all about Passion, it’s all about challenging you to search, learn and explore new ways to source. As a sourcer one must be ready to adopt new channels, try them and test them. Don’t be afraid of failure, just go ahead and explore the online world.

Yes I’m Proud to be a “Sourcer”. Are you!!!!

Looking forward to your experience and views about Sourcing Function in India.

Naukri vs LinkedIn Company Pages!!!

Naukri vs LinkedIn!!! Come on, you must be kidding. Naukri has 35 million + users and LinkedIn India has close to 20+ million users. So how can you think of even comparing it? Hang on. Hold on to your thoughts. Naukri is a well know Job Portal and LinkedIn is….not a Job Portal as many would claim. Okay, it’s known as a Professional Networking Site. So, let’s get back to the topic - Naukri vs LinkedIn Company Pages!!!

You might have seen LinkedIn Company Pages, and might have also explored it. Right!! It does contain HOME > CAREERS > PRODUCTS & SERVICES sections.  Let’s take a look at what Naukri Company Pages have to offer. Naukri likes to call it as ” Naukri Corporate Micro-Site” It does include :

- Home > About Us > Jobs > People > Events & News > Fresher Hiring > Visit Us > Facebook & Twitter Real Time updates > Corporate Videos Section.

Hang on, do they actually have all this on Company Page!!! Wait there is more. They also have 5 running banners on the home screen. So how many of these sections does LinkedIn Company Page have!!! Again, many would still say that LinkedIn is different, the purpose is different and so on. Right!! We are simply comparing the Company Page Sections.

I think LinkedIn must ideally provide Running Banners and  Twitter & Facebook Real Time updates. Well, I understand that if they do, it will come with cost. Nothing comes free. Did you know that Naukri provides this Corporate Micro Site Free of Cost!!! You must be kidding!! They do give this service with the current package that you have.

Enough of talking, lets look at some examples of what we are talking about here :

1) LinkedIn Comnpany Page Example


2) Naukri Company Page  Example –



So which Page would you like to visit!! Which Company Page would you like the Candidates to visit!! You are free to pick any one of it. The whole idea was not to force you to choose a Company Page, but to show which are things that one can have in a Company Page. PS: LinkedIn, are you listening!!! 

Looking forward to your views and feedback about this interesting topic. Naukri vs LinkedIn Company Pages!!!


Rambling Recruiter

How companies are using Pinterest for Employer Branding!!!

You must have heard companies using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube for Employer Branding. Right!!! Well, here’s a new social Channel that can be used for Employee Branding.  Pinterest is technically not a new platform, it will be completing 4 years this march.  You can also check my previous post “Have you branded yourself on the latest craze – Pinterest” that was posted last year.

So from Feb 2013 to Feb 2014 things have changed and improved. Companies have started using Pinterest to promote their product and services. Companies have found a way to highlight their work, employees, products, domain etc on Pinterest. Can you showcase your company Culture Online!!!!! Yes, you can. Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media sites.You can also use Pinterest as a recruiting tool by showcasing what it’s like to work at your organization and even how to apply and open jobs. You must be looking for some examples, right!!


- EY is a good example where they have created Boards such as EY Infographics, EY Strategic Growth Forum, Life at EY, EY our History and so on.

- Nestlé USA Careers

- Dell Careers

- Philips

What does these Board do to you as a audience!!It surely brings out a visual treat and highlights Company Culture Online. As a candidate you would like to see what’s it like to work in your next company. Images do play a vital role in human minds. Me not a psychiatrist, but can surely say that people do like to see  visual images.

Here are some more boards that one can create on Pinterest :

- Join our team (How to apply)

- Job search tips, such as how to network or how to prepare for an interview

- LinkedIn / Twittter / Facebook page links

- Company blog ,Current events , news about your organization

- Leadership Page.

The choice is yours as you can create boards that suits your companies strategy. Content is already available on your company Website, all you need to do is identify them and present it visually to the audience.

Looking forward to your views on this interesting tool. Hope to see you on Pinterest.

Lets connect on Pinterest –

 Happy Pinning ;)

What, How, When, Where, Why !! All about #Tweetup

“Tweetup” Is it a new Twitter Analytics Tool!! Well, not really. A tweetup is an event where people who follow each other on Twitter meet up. Where do they meet!! Online!! Well, they normally decide a venue (Normally a Café or a Restaurant).

So why a Tweetup when you can sit in front of your laptop or use your smartphone to connect with people!!! Let me ask you this – Why do companies prefer a Face to Face interview!!! Well, Tweetup is not about Interviews, but In-Person meets do help us know more about the person than just 140 characters of his or her Twitter Bio :)

Last week I had attend an interesting Tweetup with @Sarangbrahme @nabomita_smiles @RajeshMTHRG and @GlobeSlother in Pune. Although I have been following them on Twitter, it was great meeting them in person. This gave me a unique opportunity to know more about them, their work and their interests.  We spoke about topics such as role of Social Learning, how is Social Media helping them in their respective work – Personal and Professional.


There were also some notes that were exchanged about Best Practices in Social Recruiting, Digital Marketing and Leadership.  There were also some interesting insights that were shared about string theory and social strategies.  My favorite one was the discussion around “Some people communicate far more on Twitter than in person”

It was a great Tweetup and this surely helped us all to know more about each other. Tweetup is a great way to connect, engage, learn and share with people who are on Twitter.  It’s like finally putting a name to a face. Looking forward to your experience on Tweetups.

Rambling Recruiter

My #Blogging Annual Report – 2013 #wordpress #Recruiter #HR #Recruitment #Socialmedia

My #Blogging Annual Report – 2013  #wordpress #Recruiter #HR #Recruitment #Socialmedia

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 8,100 times in 2013. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 7 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Are you carrying your visiting card!!!!

Well, this is a true story. Couple of weeks back I was attending an HR Seminar and the topic was Social Media. Normally the schedule of such seminars gives you an opportunity to network and chat with other HR professionals, Recruitment Heads, Executives etc. So this particular incident did inspire me to write the following post.

Fortunately or unfortunately I did ran out of my visiting card and was in a fix. So every time I happened to speak to someone during Networking Tea Break or Lunch Break, I had to say that I am out of Cards. But then after couple of attempts, I did give them my Twitter Handle. Well, you might ask “Is that a visiting card!!!’ Well, thanks to Social Media, people can find you, connect and know more about you than just the information on Visiting cards.


There have been some interesting visiting cards too that I happened to see with Twitter Handle and LinkedIn ID mentioned on it. Well, this adds more to just your name, contact number and designation. Social Media has provided this amazing platform where you can connect and engage with other Professionals who are working in similar industry.

Do you think that Visiting cards will soon be extinct!!  Some might still feel that Business cards make you appear more professional and in case of clients it is a must. Well, also it’s a fact that not everyone would be as Tech savvy as you are, and they might hand over their traditional business card. Nothing wrong in that.

So do you think Twitter Handle or LinkedIn Profile is the new visiting card!!! Well, there is still some more time for that. So the next time if you happened to exchange your visiting card, someone might just exchange their Twitter Handle or LinkedIn ID or an actual Business Card.

Looking forward to your views and comments on this topic.

India’s Top 15 Women “Social Media Power Influencers”

India’s Top 15!!! Yes India’s Top 15 Women “Social Media Power Influencers”. There has been a lot of talk in “Social Media World” about Power Influencers from US or European countries. But recently had gone through an interesting initiative by Google – ‘Help get women online’ . No doubt this is a great Google Initiative and more and more women should make the most of this amazing platform. So thought to focus on the amazing list of women how have been Social Media Power Influencers in India. They will surely be the ones that Google too can look up to promote this cause and share their amazing stories with the world.

There have been lots of women on the internet space who have made their mark via their work and online presence on Social Media. They not only have carved a special place for themselves in the corporate world, but have also made a powerful impact in the Social Media arena. This post is just to share a list of some of those powerful women. There are countless things that one can learn from all of them. All you need to do is just follow them on Twitter.

Dr. Tanvi Gautam@tanvi_gautam

Dr. Tanvi Gautam is Asia’s first and only certified storycoach. She is Managing Partner of Global People Tree and Host of #indiahrhchat

Ankita Gaba@ankitagaba

Social Media Strategist, Consultant & Trainer | Entrepreneur | Blogger | Co-Founder @Social_Samosa

Shradha Sharma@sharmashradha

Founder @yourstorydotin, experimenting with the power of goodness!

Shakun Sethi@shaakunsethi

Founder of @Dizuna . Specializing in Data and Communications.

Nabomita Mazumdar@nabomita_smiles

Community Manager @citecommunity , Top 20 HR Influencer by @SHRMIndia , Top 100 Tech Influencer in India

Ester Martinez@Ester_Matters

Founder & Editor of People Matters Magazine @peoplematters2

Zena Costa@zenacostawrites

Independent Sports Professional & Writer. Women Entreprenuers Of Goa (WEG ), Indo Asian News Service

Nisha Raghavan@TheHrbuddy

Host and Founder of India HR LIVE and Co-host of DriveThruHR, HR’s #1 Daily Radio Show at 12 noon CT. She is also part of ‘Top 100 Most Social Human Resources Experts on Twitter.

Sairee Chahal@Sairee

Founder, CEO @SHEROESIndia Women@Work. Mum. TED Speaker. Cartier Alumni

Tanvi Bhatt@Tanvi_Bhatt

‘The Personal Branding Pioneer in India’ | Brand Strategist | Speaker | Columnist at The Economic Times & Entrepreneur Magazine | Blogs @

Rashmi Putcha@RashmiPutcha

Learner. Teacher. Entrepreneur. Mother. Co-founder & CEO @dmtiindia

Rimjhim Ray@GlobeSlother

Heads Social Media @TCS_News| Speaker| Poetry| Cartoons| Blogger | Heisenberg’s Daemon| Co-founder @LeisureAlley|

Ruchi Bhatia@rucsb

Web 2.0 buff | IBMer | HR,Consultant| Podcast listener |

Lakshmi Rebecca@lakshmirebecca

Anchor & producer at India’s 1st award-winning online talk show, @ChaiwithLakshmi Blogger, filmmaker, ex-model. Supporting #InclusiveIndia

Nandini Rathi@Nandini_M

In her entrepreneurial journey, she has sold 2 internet companies, raised over $4 Million in venture capital. At present, co-founder @

So do you follow any or all of these powerful women? I might have missed some more amazing Twitter influencers. So apologies for the same. You can add more such amazing professionals to this list and share it with your network. Looking forward to hear your views on India’s Top 15 Women “Social Media Power Influencers”. Happy Following and Happy Tweeting.


Rambling Recruiter

Magic of Keywords – Resume Parsing

Recruiters, Sourcers and Candidates will surely know the magic of Keywords. The idea of writing about this topic did come from the amazing world of Twitter. I was going through an interesting article “What is #Resume Parsing? via @recruiterbox “It talks about Resume Parsing and the Tech that will help recruiters and companies to process resumes in a shorter span of time.

I happened to be part of an interesting discussion on twitter with @nabomita_smiles and @ArunimaShan . You can also check it out right here – . There were some amazing insights on this topic and would like to also know your views on the same.

As mentioned, Recruiters, sourcers and candidates come across keywords a lot. In fact Recruiters and sourcers do go through it daily. The normal process of using Keywords is during Job Posting and searching resumes on job portals.

The above mentioned article talks about use of Resume Parsing. Well, it does point out that time is of essence and with help of Technology, screening time will be saved. Companies and recruiters will be more than happy to save critical time. But does that mean candidates will have to prepare their resumes based on keywords!! Well, that can be seen by the way recruiters and candidates use Job portals. Any search is based on keywords itself.

So does that mean there will be no human eye looking at the resumes; thanks to technology!! Does that mean candidates have to pass the main filter test of an ATS to reach a recruiter!!! Well, the answer is YES.

Let’s take this example. I happened to search for professionals working on Datastage on Naukri. I used the keyword “DataStage” and there are 14251 resumes. And when I used the keyword “Data Stage” there were 15235 resumes. Now you would ask why I used space between data and stage!! Well, because candidates have used it. So, will ATS rejects 15235 resumes just because they used space!!! Food for thought!! PS: Every sourcer / recruiter has a different style of searching resumes using keywords. This is where candidates might have to be careful what keywords to be used.

I understand that no system is perfect and one needs to make some changes here and there. But losing out resumes is not an option. Resume Parsing will surely save time, but you don’t want to end up losing good candidates, just because the system only knows DataStage and not Data Stage.

Looking forward to your views on the term “Resume Parsing” and on how it can help the recruiter, sourcers and candidates.


Rambling Recruiter

Ways to bring down cost per hire!!!

Million Dollar Question!! Right!! Well, companies are trying their best to find the right answer to this question. To be honest, there is no right or wrong answer. It normally depends on how companies approach this question. The reason why I was tempted to write a blog on this particular topic was – People Matters & CareerBuilder Blog Competition ” So Rambling Recruiter is all set to put-forth some points that might help companies to bring down the cost.

Job Description: Normally this is the one aspect that most of us take for granted. We often don’t give it the right weight-age that it deserves. This is where things can go wrong and you end up hiring the wrong candidate and then you need to put in extra time, efforts and money to hire the right person. This is the first step of recruitment, no matter which company you work for. Right, Complete and Detailed JD will give the hiring managers, sourcers and recruiters the confidence to hire the right fit. There has been lot of talk about Cost of Bad Hire. Well, you can read more about Bad Hires in my previous post.

Cost Per Hire

Right Channel: Job Portal, Vendors, Employee Referrals, Social Media. These are some of the major channels that are being used to hire resources. Most of the companies try to reduce the dependency on external agencies ie Vendors. Job Portals are still the best and ideal way to hire in Indian context. For example, on an average companies pay close to 10lac per year to a job portal to access its database and for job postings. So now you can reverse calculate money saved in a year. Some companies pay 20-40 lac to LinkedIn to do the same. But the target audience is different. (Leadership Roles). Still companies can breakeven. Interesting right!!! For those companies who do not want to pay huge sums, normally go for channels such as Employee Referrals and to some extent Social Media. Some might say that Employee Referral does involve cost, well, it does. But you are motivating your own employee to refer their friends. So they are your brand ambassadors.

Employer Branding: I believe every employee is a Brand Ambassador of your company. Imagine each one of them posts current job opening on their LinkedIn Status, Facebook Page, Twitter etc!!! If an organization has 500 or 5000 employees, imagine the reach that it will have!!! Does it involve cost!!!! NO. All you need to do is encourage your employee and make them feel special. Employees must also feel that it is their own company and must be proud of sharing news, information and spread a word in the online and offline world “They are proud to work here” or “They enjoy working here” The day this happens, well, the results will be just amazing.

Well, just had these 3 things in mind. Did not want to include big jargon’s and sound impractical. These are things that can be followed no matter if you have 100 employees or 10000. The biggest assets for any company are its employees. So they need to find a way to make them feel special. This is not just the job of an HR, but of every employee working in the organization.

Rambling Recruiter is looking forward to your views, reviews, feedback on this particular topic.


Rambling Recruiter


Sorry, It’s a BAD HIRE!!

Dear Recruiter’s, how many times have you heard this famous line!!! Well, most of the recruiters might have heard it at least a few times, if not more. So what does this mean!! Who is responsible!! What are the impacts!! Loads of questions right!!! Well, through this post just thought to highlight this statement and the hidden meaning behind it. PS: Not here to point fingers, but just to understand the real reason behind this famous statement. You are at your work station, and suddenly a Delivery Manager comes and shouts “Who hired XYX, he is a bad hire”. So what will be your reaction!! Well, it depends on how you manage it. At times you can just say with a smile, we both have hired him. Jokes apart, we need to find out the real reason behind this statement.

So what do you think can be the reasons!! Let’s take a look at it.

- Employee joins your organization, and the very next day he is working on a project / client place. So in such cases employee is not briefed, no formal detailed induction, no breathing space etc. Hence it is bound to happen that they will have a tough time to adjust to a new environment. Will you term this employee as Bad Hire!!!

- Many a times it is noticed that once the employee joins, the manager hardly meet them. We understand that everyone is busy and working under tight deadlines, but this very person or employees is the reason that the project will run. The organization will earn revenue (Dollars). Is it not worth spending some quality time with them!!! Food for thought.

- Employees who are placed at client location often face some challenges, hence one needs to ensure that you hear to their issues. Again not all issues can be solved, but you can at least hear them out.

- Often have heard and seen clashes between Line Managers and HR teams. In case of Bad Hire the blame game starts. If you agree that it takes a team effort to make any company successful, then you need to also agree that the onus of a so called bad hire lies with both the parties.


- Somehow I feel it’s a Fashion statement to use the term “Bad Hire”. Don’t forget that the person who you have hired, was working in some organization, and was being paid for it. He might find it tough to adjust or work as per your style or needs. But this does not mean that employee is a Bad Hire.

- Top Management will surely argue the cost of a Bad Hire. Well, I completely agree, but in that case also many stake holders are involved to take a hiring decision. Right from Delivery Managers, VP’s, Head of Functions etc. So who is responsible!!

- Some of you might say that let’s change the word from Bad Hire to Wrong Hire, well, that will not help. We need to change the way we look and treat such resources.

- Often it is said that an HR needs to wear a Business Hat!! How about a Line Manager / Delivery Manager wearing a hat of an HR!!! What say!!!

So have you come across this situation!! How did you tackle it!! Do you agree with the term Bad Hire!!! Looking forward to your views, suggestions and feedback regarding this post.


Rambling Recruiter

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